Rules & Guidelines

Here at Delta Gaming Network we have rules like other gaming communities.


General Rules

The general rules apply to all servers and Delta Gaming Network services!
  1. Respect staff
  2. Don't be a dick
  3. Don't ask for staff rank
  4. Don't crash the any server
  5. Don't spam
  6. Do Not DOX or DDoS.
  7. Everything must be SFW
  8. Don't PM staff to report someone, use the reporting system
  9. No Racism
  10. No advertising
  11. Don't Metagame
  12. Duel Claning is allowed

Garry's Mod

These rules that apply to our Garry's Mod servers
Use @ and your message to request staff in game. This will send a message to all staff that are online in the server.


These rules apply to all of our servers on sandbox.
  1. Don't ask for noclip
  2. No laggy Dupes
  3. Don't abuse the skybox
  4. Don't Spawn vehicles in enclosed spaces
  5. Don't trap/jail other players
  6. Don't touch other players stuff they'll ask

Prop Hunt

These rules apply to all of our servers on prop hunt.
  1. Don't use exploit spots
  2. Don't hide in the same place that you hid before.


These rules that apply to our FiveM servers
  1. You need a mic to Rank up in anything
  2. Use the chane of command to report a deputy doing something wrong
  3. You need to apply to rank up in anything
  4. No cop baiting
  5. Don't do constant priorities
  6. All in game Laws a based on Texas laws
  7. No explosives
  8. No flying unless given permission
  9. You must Role Play seriously
  10. Don't noclip above roleplay area
  11. Staff are exempt from some rules
  12. All active emergency services must be in discord
  13. Don't FailRP
  14. Don't use the performance upgrades are allowed
  15. No supercars unless given permission
  16. No torque/speed boosting
  17. Don't metagame
  18. No Turbo


These rules that apply to our Discord server
  1. Music bots are only allowed in the lounge channels
  2. Any commands for the bots are to be in the #bots text channel
  3. Put any pictures of the community in the #community-uploads channel
  4. You are allowed to stream only in the lounge

Community Guidelines

Any rule aformentioned above not mentioned below are to be assumed to be a writen warning and esculate from their.

Always respect staff. Disrespecting our staff will result to you getting kicked. Possibly being banned. DDOSing of even the threat of doing so will get you automaticaly permanently BANNED on not just on your account, but also your IP. We will also have to you to the proper authorities. The same goes for DOXING! For our FiveM server, you may still play without a mic, but you can't apply for staff, or any departemnent. Traping other players will result in a writen warning, then a kick. Although, the writen warning only applys to new players with no reps. Cheaters/Hackers will be banned for a day. If you end up lagging a server, then you stuff will be removed, and a warning on a first attempt. Second actempt will retult in kick. You will be banned for a year if this appears to be intentional. Duel Claning is allowed, however, you are in a contradicting community, then we will abide by there duel clan rule and remove you if needed. Asking for staff will result in your applications to be not accepted and you will not be able to apply agean for a year. This will be marked on our roster and your application. Sending a report directly to a staff member will result to you being banned for three days.

The order of punnishents goes as this.
  1. Writen Warning
  2. Writen Warning
  3. Writen Warning
  4. Kick
  5. Day Ban
  6. Three Day Ban
  7. Week Ban
  8. Month Ban
  9. Year Ban
  10. Two Year Ban
  11. Three Year Ban
  12. Permanent Ban
Warnings, kicks and permanent bans are not applicable.